Visiting Cadaques, Spain. One day Koval will look at the camera.
European Sabbatical

It’s Been a Year

As Nik and I approach a year living abroad with Barcelona, Spain as our home base, we have an update as to what’s next.┬áThis move to Barcelona, Spain was always going to be for a year and see how we liked it and then make further decisions.

Drum roll…we are returning to Chicago in early May!

We like Barcelona, but don’t love it, as previously written about. It’s been incredible to have visited some 20+ cities across 13 countries (including Spain) and to have experienced a new day-to-day culture for 10+ months. But, we’re ready to return to the States for now and do another year abroad like this sometime down the line.

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We’re sure you have questions, so feel free to send us an email or text. See you in May!


One comment on “It’s Been a Year

  1. Julie and Nick, I have been reading all about your European adventures!
    What an awesome trip for all of you! The trip to Amalfi, Italy was
    amazing and now I understand why you enjoyed it so much!

    Have a safe trip back to Chicago in May.

    Susan Cabaniol

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